Stop Mosquito Breeding In Your Garden And Backyard!

Mosquitoes can be a nuisance for anybody. They do not contribute to the environment and can cause irritating itches. Imagine doing a family barbeque with your loved ones and a cloud of mosquitoes buzzing in your ears. These fliers can keep you from having a good time. Not only that, but their bites can also cause various dangerous diseases. 

If you are facing mosquito issues in your home, getting pest control from a professional company is recommended as soon as possible. Pests can make your life hell. If you do not take the right steps at the right time, you might end up with an infestation before you know it. 

Tips to stop mosquito breeding in your garden and backyard

  • Check for standing water. 

Standing or stagnant water is perhaps one of the favorite places of mosquitoes. Therefore, you should first check your garden and backyard for sources of stagnant water. Check for drains and other open water sources and cover them with a lid if possible. 

It is common to have pots, old tires, and buckets in the backyard. Make sure they do not fill up and become breeding grounds. 

  • Clear the litter. 

Look out for debris in and around your house, especially in your garden and backyard. As soon as you see debris collecting, clean it as soon as possible. One of the best hiding places for mosquitoes is litter. These fliers love hovering over and around waste materials. Therefore, you must clean trash when you see too much of it collecting. 

  • Keep your rain gutters free and flowing. 

Keeping your rain gutters in check is important, especially during the rainy season. During heavy rainfall and thunderstorms, it is not uncommon for leaves, twigs, and other debris to collect in these gutters and block the water flow. Clogged gutters can create stagnant water sources and attract mosquitoes looking to breed. Doing a regular cleaning is recommended. 

  • Clean bird baths. 

If you are fond of birds and like having them in your garden, you may already have a bird bath in your house. These help birds relieve their thirst during the hot summer months and get a bath whenever they like. It is a good way of attracting different beautiful birds. 

However, stagnant bird bath water can also attract mosquitoes. To prevent this, clean the bath by scrubbing it at least twice a week. 

While these tips can help you prevent mosquito breeding in your garden, they will not help you in the case of an infestation. Contact pest control services today.