Shipping Products to Amazon FBA Centers: Mistakes that Sellers Make

If you sell on Amazon using FBA, you must avoid some mistakes. Remember that customs reviews would influence your overall industry reputation and could put your ROI at risk. Shipping mistakes can lead to shipment delays and cancellations. Constantly supplying your products to Amazon can lead to a stockout, which impacts your revenue. To fix the issues with your shipment, you may have to take out money. With FBA, you bring products to the FBA warehouses of Amazon where they are handled and shipped to your buyers. While Amazon fulfills these, you may still make mistakes before FBA such as not labeling items properly or violating guidelines. To avoid these mistakes, you should consider hiring Amazon freight forwarding services to guide you on the details you must know.  The following are common mistakes that must be avoided:

Not Working with the Right Freight Forwarder

You should work with a company that specializes in Amazon FBA freight forwarding. Before you make a deal, check how long they have been in business, what their clients have to say about them, and whether their services fit the needs of your business. Keep in mind that Amazon tends to adhere to strict regulations. Because of this, they may reject your items if your forwarder is not aware of the rules. Also, Amazon may remove your items, charge you hefty fees, and quit future transactions. 

Not Using the Suitable Shipping Method

Through e-commerce platforms, customers can easily access products, making the e-commerce market completive and fast-paced. To maintain the sustainability of your business, you want your inventory to arrive on time. This is where you need to choose the right shipping method and partner. Before you choose a shipper, take your time researching companies. Choose the one whose shipping method meets the needs of your business.

Not Insuring Cargoes

Cargo insurance is important. When a loss occurs, you get paid quickly through insurance. Your insurance policy can include a delivery delay clause that protects you from losses. But remember that coverage only applies when the carrier is to blame for the loss. 

Not Labeling and Packaging Products Properly

Product listings must be accurately and properly written. By correctly applying Amazon ID stickers, Amazon will deliver the right items to the correct customers. In addition, it is important to use high-quality boxes and packaging materials such as packaging peanuts and air cushions when delivering products to Amazon fulfillment warehouses to guarantee their safety.