All you need to know about pink diamonds

As we can know from the name itself, these types of diamonds are pink in color. This means that other than being a usual color of a diamond, they will appear a luminous pink color. Now, if you ask, is it counted in the most precious diamond? Well, the answer is yes! They have counted as one of the most expensive diamonds that are available in the world. There are many reasons as to why pink diamonds are counted in a precious once, if you are looking to purchase such them you would surely like to get more information about them. So, let us know them one by one.

Why Are pink diamonds expensive? 

The reason lies in the formation of these diamonds. As per many theories, the pink color is attended by the diamond due to the extreme pressure of the earth’s crust. The other theory says that The seismic shock forced the colorless diamonds to alter their ultimate molecular structure. These are the two most popular theories that relate to the formation of pink diamonds

  • Rarity

 Pink diamonds are found rarely in the countries like Australia and Russia. This is why it counts to be the most reasonable as to why diamonds are so expensive. as we all know that diamonds and gold are some of the rarest elements in nature. And those elements that are rare in nature are the most precious material irrespective of their condition or function. This is the very first reason why types of diamonds are so expensive.

  • Luminous shine

 No doubt all the diamonds are shining in their nature. But is the color of pink makes it more attractive, especially for women. Pink diamonds have luminous shine in their color. This is why they are expensive from any other diamonds that you can think of. Therefore almost everyone who wants to buy diamonds will first look for these types of fancy diamonds.

  • Demand

 Since they are rare in nature, the demand for these diamonds is more than compared to any other diamonds. As the law of economics goes, demand is proportional to supply. If the demand is more, the price will automatically rise. Hence we can prove that because of the high demand for these diamonds, the price is floating at a higher flag.

Which country is the best in pink diamonds? 

When we talk about pink diamonds, the only name that comes to mind is Australia, and Australia only! Australia is one of the best countries in selling pink diamonds internationally and nationally. Therefore it can be said that these types of fancy diamonds will be much cheaper in Australia than in any other country. Therefore numerous people only prefer to purchase such diamonds from Australia and not from others. So if you are looking to purchase such diamonds, we would recommend you to purchase them only from the above-mentioned country in this where you would get great deals in purchasing a pink diamond.