How Can You Operate A Grease Gun in a Safe Manner?

Every workshop and maintenance department of every industry uses grease guns commonly. However, people do not give enough importance to the manufacturer’s safety guidelines for avoiding any injury.

You can find the following 4 main grease gun types available on the market:

  • Manual
  • Battery-operated
  • AC electric operated
  • Air-powered

Each of the above grease guns has its specific set of guidelines, and also a few general rules that are applicable to all:

  • Training
  • Proper use of tool use
  • Proper care
  • Safety of work area
  • Personal safety.

Teo Nooseng Co., Ltd. is a Thailand based company that also supply many different models of grease guns including electrical grease gun (กระบอก อัด จาร บี ไฟฟ้า, term in Thai). You may get all possible help regarding the safe use of these grease guns.

1) Manual grease guns

These grease guns have lever-action with the pistol-grip operation. These tools are very widely used and also the most economical grease gun. With manual grease guns, you can achieve pressures maximum of up to 10,000 pounds/square inch, while plug-valve sealant guns will reach up to 15,000 psi.

2) Battery-operated grease guns

These grease guns will be ideal for speeding up all your routine lubrication tasks. Operator fatigue can also be minimized with such guns. Such type of grease guns is usually rated from 6,000 – 10,000 psi.

3) AC electric grease guns

Your AC electric grease guns will offer a consistent grease flow and are often utilized as an alternative to any air-powered tool. Generally, they are rated maximum up to 7,000 psi.

1.    Air-powered Grease Guns

These grease guns will use compressed air for applying pressure to the air piston, which will drive the grease piston and force lubricant from the coupler into the grease fitting. If you depress the gun’s trigger, then a steady lubricant flow is dispensed. Typically, any pneumatic grease guns will be rated at a maximum of up to 6,000 psi.

Safe grease gun operation

  • Often grease gun injuries can be serious and need immediate medical attention.
  • Many safety devices are available as grease gun attachments, based on the nipple type encountered.
  • For maximum safety, the most commonly used hydraulic nipples should be used having a push-on injector.
  • While greasing any flexible brake cables, most accidents occur, but with safety devices attached, it will be possible to perform the job. In this operation, no unprotected needlepoint must be used.
  • Ensure grease nipples and safety sleeves are free from dirt before you use guns.
  • You can operate grease guns safely if all the safety fittings are properly used and also correct work methods have been adopted.
  • Ensure that good lighting is present underneath the vehicle.
  • You can reduce any risk and danger of serious injury with safety fittings.
  • You must wear your personal protective equipment like gloves, safety glasses, and non-skid shoes/boots to prevent injury. Avoid wearing jewellery or any loose clothing that may get caught in moving parts.

By following all these sound procedures, undergoing training, and using the appropriate tool, you can minimize any accidents and get all the benefits that you may expect from proper lubrication with a grease gun.