Web Hosting – What Is It?

Hosting is the act of allocating server space to a website for it to store files. A website is made up of a lot of files (code, images, etc.). You’ve probably visited dozens of websites hosted on a server. Need help? Contact web design Denver.

It depends on the type of hosting whether a website has enough space on a server. Most commonly, shared hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, and reseller hosting are available. These providers can be distinguished from one another by the type of server technology used, the degree of management provided, as well as the additional services available.

Web hosting services come in four varieties

The range of website hosting companies varies from companies that offer comprehensive website management and support to those who lease a single virtual server. Examples are:

  • A service provider that manages to host for customers owns and operates the servers. In addition to server management, backups, software maintenance, security, and technical support, the provider also provides technical support. Rackspace is an example of a managed hosting provider.
  • When a service provider provides cloud hosting, the customer purchases system time and storage. Cloud hosting can be either private, public, or hybrid. According to a customer’s computing needs, the cloud’s capacity can be increased or decreased. Some of the most popular cloud hosting companies are Microsoft® and Amazon Web Services.
  • Colocation facilities allow companies to host their servers and provide them with power, Internet access, and a climate-controlled environment. Local providers usually operate colocation facilities.
  • Hosting a customer’s website on one of the provider’s private virtual servers isolates it physically from the websites of other customers on some managed server Colocation facilities, cloud hosting providers, and providers of private virtual servers all offer these services.

Hosting a website: How it works

Hosts a website by uploading the files that make up its content from a local computer to a remote server. Websites using the server obtain their resources (RAM, hard drive space, and bandwidth).

Hosting plans differ in how they allocate server resources. It is first necessary to distinguish between the available hosting plans before choosing the right one. This is not a difficult process. To simplify things, Webolutions web design company use an analogy: Picking a web hosting service is similar to choosing office space:

What are the factors you consider when selecting an office space? Are workstations in a co-working space sufficient, or should an office within a business center be the next best thing? Are you planning to expand quickly or are you expecting many visitors to come and go? Is renting an entire building an option or would you prefer to build your own space?

Webolutions web design company has expertise in virtualization, security, eCommerce, web content management, email and collaboration, disaster recovery, and IT transformation make us a world leader in managed hosting. 

According to your company’s needs, we can customize our dedicated hosting solutions, including servers, databases, storage, and a VMware environment. In addition to public and private clouds, we also offer hybrid cloud services. We offer services from Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, and VMware. Moreover, the company’s network infrastructure is backed by superior service level agreements, including 100% network uptime.