Turkey Is A Great Place To Invest For A Variety Of Reasons

Turkey has a thriving economy that draws in many international investors. It also boasts a robust economic development trajectory, with the nation forecast to be among the OECD’s fastest-growing economies. Turkey also has an active participation in promoting foreign direct investment and boasts of a thriving private sector.

Several important factors have encouraged investors to consider Turkey. Well-developed infrastructure along with the skilled and competitive workforce remains to be the top reason for investment. The nation also has a favourable tax system, with the government providing incentives and tax breaks to individuals who establish businesses in specified free zones. Research & development, strategic investments, and large-scale investments may benefit from incentives.

To Start a Corporation in Turkey, You’ll Need the Following Documents –

The documentation needed to create a company formation in Turkey differs depending on whether the shareholders are individuals or businesses. The following papers are necessary for business establishment in Turkey in the event of legal entities:

  • A resolution of the company’s management board for forming a company in Turkey; •Information on the person in the foreign company who will represent it in the Turkish business administration; 
  • Complete Information related to the company’s managers along with their passport details

Costs of Forming a Company in Turkey

Aside from the initial expenditures, the following costs associated with registering a company formation must be taken into account:

The monthly charge for a virtual office is 100 EUR; the fee for forming a business in Turkey, as asked by our local representatives, begins at about 2.950 EUR for individual shareholders.

You may contact the top company registration in Turkey agents in Turkey if you want to learn more about investing in Turkey and what the nation offers.