Top Things to Know About BMX

BMX has always been considered a very adventurous sport, and everything associated with it raises the adrenaline. This sport mostly combines speed, jumps, and obstacles, and there is a lot to know about it. So, here is an article to let you know about it in detail. 

Why BMX?

BMX stands for Bicycle Motocross. This is a form of cycling that has its roots in California. This was launched by a bicycle manufacturer, Al Fritz, who started designing cycles that imitated motorcycles. It was over the years that the love for BMX started growing in the United States. Soon, the love and passion for the sport made way for championships, and it gradually began crossing the borders to enter Europe. It is now a sport that is known all over the world.

BMX modalities

There are two precise modalities present within the BMX. They are the BMX race or the BMX freestyle. The latter one has five other sub modalities under it, such as the Park, Vert, Flat, Street, and Dirt.

BMX regulations

Just like any other sport across the world, BMX also has certain regulations which govern the races. Here are the rules listed:

  • It is mandatory to officially register oneself in order to be participating in these events.
  • There are no extensions provided, and the cyclists must be ready right when their turn comes.
  • If there is a case where the competitor does not show up, he will have a CR marked against him and will hold the last position in the race.
  • It is not allowed to obstruct any competitor or cause any physical contact with them. It is also not allowed to cut the track or cause any interference with other cyclists.

Is BMX good for everyone?

BMX is a sport that commonly interests younger and older athletes. However, it is not recommended for individuals with issues in joints, knees, hips, wrists, or shoulders. People with lower back problems also must stay away from this sport.

Benefits of BMX?

BMX provides a lot of benefits, both mental as well as physical. It helps reduce stress and achieve a better mood. Further, it also helps to strengthen your muscles and lose weight by burning calories.

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