The Kubota Company’s range of excavators

Kubota is a Japanese-based heavy equipment manufacturer that has wide range of products and technologies. They are well known for midi and mini-excavators that are efficient and reliable with outstanding performance. The company was founded in 1890 in Japan and has been manufacturing tractors, construction equipment, movers, utility vehicles, parts, and services. 

Kubota is famous for construction equipment like excavators, skid-steer loaders, compact track loaders and wheel loaders. The company is famous for the build quality, robust engines, and overall outstanding performance. 

Their mini-excavators have been at the top of the construction market share for number of years in Europe, North America, Japan, and Asian countries. The operator’s just love their advanced features and premium amenities. 

Excavators by Kubota are seen in the field for projects like road, municipal work, pipe networks, water conservancy, landscaping, demolition, utility trenching, and many more. These excavators are made to ease your work in tough conditions and construction environments. 

Most rental companies offer Kubota excavator hire because of their high durability. Users just love the product design as every detail is made with care and high durability. These excavators are famous for delivering power and versatility allowing you to take on any kind of task, even in the toughest environment. You can undertake improved digging with enhanced lifting power and smooth drivability. 

All this equipment comes with a powerful Kubota Engine which is reliable delivering superior horsepower and performance. With low noise and vibration, you’ll get optimum fuel efficiency. The engine adopts HMS Hydraulic system with three independent pumps for boom arm and swivel. These arrangements give you the superb digging performance.

Kubota excavators are also well priced and low maintenance, meaning their rental price is often much cheaper than other brands. You can use the following link to find out more about Kubota excavator hire prices.

Range of excavators by Kubota 

Kubota offers wide range of excavators from 0.8 tons all the way up to 8.2 tons. Two of the comprehensive series include KX and U Series excavators that come both in conventional and zero tail-swing arrangements. 

KX series 

The KX series by Kubota features conventional swing excavators ranging from size 0.8 to 8.2 tons. Excavators in this series are made to meet the requirements of even the toughest situations. They are made to deliver superior performance and luxury comfort. The most famous excavators in this series are K008-3, KX040-4, and KX080-3S. 

U Series

The U series excavators are a lineup of 5 tons mini-excavators with zero-tail swing. They are ideal for work in tight and confined spaces. They can easily work through obstacles and can slip through corners. They are built to provide class performance, superior comfort, and all around versatility. The most common of these series excavators include U25-3S, U27-4, and U55-4.

All the range of excavators by Kubota has built keeping in view the comfort for the operator. With greater leg room and easy access to controls you’ll never feel any fatigue of long hours work. The display panels are user-friendly and it has got all the important controls right at your fingertips. With 2-speed travel switch you can adjust the travel speed as per your convenience and comfort while providing enhanced control. Most of the excavators come with versatility switch between ISO and SAE pattern.