Pallet Inverters –All That You Must Know About Them 

With the increasing need and necessity of pallets in industries, the demand for pallets has equally increased. The pallet investors have become so necessary that today, you will find one in each of the warehouses. The pallet investors are like machines of the miracle which can turn the warehouse upside down.

If you have some plans to buy a pallet inverter then your number one priority must be Top Industries because they have been the market leader of the pallet industry for the past 40 years. They have great exposure to the market and this separates them from the crowd. Their team of experts has developed more than 50 pallet inverters which make warehouse work easier.

They show you in their warehouse how our pallet inverter and pallet changer handle your type of product. If you are worried that your merchandise might not work well using their pallet exchanger equipment, then Top Industries allows testing your products in your warehouse with the device of your choice.

If you are not allowed to send your loads in for testing, Top Industries will use a product with similar or exact dimensions and sizes to your product. Based on types of load, your performance requirements, and available room in the warehouse, they select the precise equipment out of 50 to best fit your needs.

The benefits of pallets in the warehouse include a lesser number of product damage, a lesser rate of employee injuries, more precision and speed in the working of the warehouse, etc.

 Different types of pallet inverters

There are many different categories into which the pallet inverters can be divided. Let’s discuss the pallet inverters based on their automation:

1- Manual pallet inverters- these are the most commonly found pallet inverters. They are relatively cheap and this is why they are used in small warehouses where the funds are relatively less. Further, such machines need an operator to operate each step of them. These machines are slow in inverting the pallets.

2- Electric pallet inverters – these are the pallets which are typical to the humongous warehouses. Such pallets run on the fuel of electricity and they can be used to invert multiple pallets at the same time. These pallets bring in a very high level of automation in the workforce. They are much faster than conventional pallets.

3- Pneumatic pallet inverters – these inverters are also equipped with a high standard of automation and they are also used in giant warehouses. They use air pressure to invert the pallets.

Different items used by pallets

 Here is a list of essentials for the pallet inverter:

1- If your warehouse is to remain clean then you must use aluminum or plastic.

2- Spacers for the sling bags

3- The ship sheets or those lightweight pallets that save on shipping weight and pallet expenses


Pallet inverters are one of the greatest tools to be used in a warehouse. If you want to know how to use a pallet inverter then go to the YouTube channel of Top Industries and get in touch with them for more detail.