Designing and Building a Retail Store: Why You Need an Architect

For any small business owner, opening new stores can be both exciting and nerve-worrying. Will the store make an impact? Does it have enough attraction to draw customers? To avoid headaches and mistakes, you must pay attention to the basics like construction, cost, design, and permits. You can minimize the risks associated with building a retail store by working with reputable Stendel + Reich retail architects. Hiring a good architect offers the following benefits:

They Can Help Build Your Dream Space

Architects will manage your vision and the details of your project. They will identify your need and wants in terms of the location as well as determine how to approach the project. They will ask you questions, so they can better understand your business plan, vision, and product for the store. This allows them to help you set goals and expectations. 

They Know the Practicalities of Building a Retail Space

Designing and building a retail store involves serious work. It requires practical expertise in various areas. An architect has deep know-how of building methods, lighting, materials, acoustics, legal compliance, electrical and plumbing systems, and more. 

They Can Help Establish Your Customer Experience

Architects can design an attractive and on-brand retail space. They will do it in a way that optimizes the experience of your customers and staff. Your customers’ shopping experience inside your store plays a vital role in what they think about your business. 

Moreover, your retail store’s exterior is also the shopper’s first impression of your shop. Your chosen architect will take into account the experience of shoppers walking through your store’s front door, seeing its interior, and moving around the store. 

They Can Consult with Trusted Experts

Your architect can build your dream retail space by bringing in trusted experts from various fields. They can help you handle relationships with outside consultants and refine your store’s design and buildout plan according to the insights of these experts. 

They Make Sure Your Store is Compliant

To legally operate your store, it should meet the city’s building codes and undergo inspection. You may have to secure new permits for sewer lines, water lines, electrical service, and sprinkler lines. To get these permits, you must work with county, city, or state organizations.

 Local architects are familiar with your city’s zoning and planning requirements. They will assist you as you navigate the complicated process of obtaining business approvals, so you can open your shop as planned.