Choosing Catering Vs Self-Catering Your Event

Food can make or break any event, and serving good food is crucial to keeping guests happy. But should you choose catering or self-catering? This will often come to the size of the event, your own preferences, and your budget – so before making up your mind, just take a look at what you need to consider.

How Much it Will Cost

Let’s face it, unless your business is hugely successful, the cost will decide whether you’re hosting something exuberant or as cheaply put together as possible. Caterers may charge a premium during peak-season events and on weekends. You can reduce costs by planning your event on a less popular date. Other cost factors include the menu you’re planning. It does not take a rocket scientist to know that a gourmet meal with Wagyu beef and caviar will be more expensive than a traditional menu of roast chicken and vegetables.

The Time Required

Many people choose to self-catering to save money, but it takes experience to prepare and serve food for a large event. On the flip side, a catering service will have experience in hosting events like yours. So you have some questions to ask yourself about whether to trust yourself or put your belief in more experience. Planning your event timeline should allow ample time to find a venue, book entertainment, secure catering, and more.

What About Your Guests?

When choosing to cater or self-cater, it’s important to understand how many guests you need to accommodate and factor in any special dietary needs or restrictions that may affect your menu options. Despite the benefits of self-catering, will it ensure that there is something for everyone on the menu? This is a benefit of catering services as you can feed them the needs of your guests.

How to Find a Quality Catering Service?

Many of you will have come to the conclusion that catering is probably the best way to go. It is the option that offers the most convenience and although more expensive, also gives you time to focus on other areas of the event. The difficult part is finding a catering per aziende that fits your budget and has the required experience. That said, as long as you have done your research and filtered your way down to a company you’re happy with – you should be able to relax a bit and let them handle your event.


So which have you gone with? No event is the same so it is understandable that your decisions will differ. We just hope that you have considered all of the above before using that information to come to an informed decision.