3 ways that you can leverage your business

You’ve started your business, great. You’re starting to make some money and you want to think of ways to leverage your business. Quite often, people try and re-invest into the business in the form of ads. Well, that is ONE way of doing it, and it’s a method I do touch on in this article, but it’s not the only way, and definitely not what you should be thinking of first. Anyway, here’s some ways that I think you should consider leveraging your business:

  1. Investing in SEO: One of the biggest things that you can do is invest in learning about SEO. SEO is a much better investment compared to ads. The thing about ads is that you have to continue to pay in order to get more and more results. With SEO, you can either invest money into getting a good SEO consultant, or you can invest in the time and effort to learn SEO yourself. When you start using SEO for your website, what happens is that it grows without you ever having to pay for advertisements. You end up getting organic traffic that continues to compound in growth as you invest in more and more time towards it. The key to SEO is to just make changes to your website’s content to better reflect what you’re selling and to try and get your content posted on different websites.
  2. Retaining clients: It costs a lot more to get new customers than it does to retain clients. Always be kind, courteous and understanding of your customers situations. Occasionally I’ll have clients that need to pause their service or cancel their service because of their personal financial situations. At least 95% of the time, I will accept – and at least 95% of the time, they’ll return back to me. Retaining clients is obviously a lot easier in a B2B or service-based industry, however it is also possible in a B2C or product-based industry too. For example, Jon Loomer has touched on how Facebook Pixel has led to getting significantly more sales for his company. Facebook Pixel allows for custom targeting of demographics, optimization of ad delivery and conversion tracking – all of which are awesome to re-target your ads to customers who like your products.
  3. Investing in Ads: Yes, as I mentioned, advertisements do come into the play. I would highly recommend focusing on SEO and retaining clients first though, and then focusing on something like ads. Retaining clients allows you to have a sustainable cash flow. This makes it easier to break down finances to determine how much of your money should be going back into ads. Like I said, you should also focus on free marketing tools like Facebook Pixel to help you identify your target demographic better. Also make sure that your website is extremely optimized for conversions to take advantage of every visitor that you pay for in the advertisements. You can double check that your design is optimized with professional website design companies. You must also make sure your ad is well designed. I’ve found that videos perform a lot better than just using standard pictures. Make the video very entertaining and exciting – try to use bright colors and keep it upbeat. There are many awesome and simple to use online video editors that you can use to do this.

These are just three methods – there are so many more ways that you can leverage your business to reach new heights. A huge mistake you can make as a business owner is to continue being okay with the way your business is going. I get it, you’re making a few sales and things are going smoothly, but you have to always continue building on the foundation you’ve already created. I’m not saying change your entire website or your business model – just think of ways that you can grow. Write blog articles, get in touch with different websites in your niche, try and optimize your products and services – there’s so many things you can do and I hope you have learnt that from this article. With everything in the world available these days, it’s no wonder you can get results so easily.