What You Should Know About Nan Chul Shin And His Construction Company?

Nan Inc.’s CEO and owner is Patrick Shin (the right person in the picture). In 1990, he set up the business, which has now been running for nearly three decades. Honolulu, Hawaii is where his construction firm is situated.

Patrick Shin left his job as a construction worker in Hawaii after two years to pursue his entrepreneurial goals. Nan Inc. is the name of the company he founded to provide construction services. His Korean name is “Nan Chul Shin,” and the moniker is derived from that.

Of course, getting started is never easy. Because of Patrick Shin’s tenacity and enthusiasm, Nan Inc was able to achieve great success. New government contracts and problems are coming in for the company. He has grown the company into one of Oahu’s biggest and most profitable construction firms. A new $146 million contract to upgrade Oahu’s Daniel K. Inouye International Airport is just one of several recent multi-million dollar projects. Over the years, he has completed a number of successful building projects.

Preconstruction, general contracting and design-build services are all areas of expertise for Patrick Shin and his team.


When Patrick Shin isn’t busy running a major building company in Hawaii, he still has time for his other interests. His favourite pastimes include spending time outdoors and chatting with the island residents.

While still a child, Patrick Shin left South Korea for the United States and settled on the island state of Hawaii. The fact that he enjoys participating in a Korean festival in Hawaii every year shows that he hasn’t forgotten his origins.

Assisting the Locals

For many people, giving back to their community is a passion. When it comes to Nan Inc. construction’s success, owner Patrick Shin believes that “the people of Hawaii should also thrive in the process”.

Additionally, Patrick Shin has formed his own Nan Inc Volunteering Club for Nan Inc. Because of his membership in this organisation, he is allowed to restore and repair items all throughout the island. Dozens of people from the non-profit organisation Nan Inc. spent their Saturday mornings in February 2021 helping to rebuild the Koko Crater Trail. The Kokonut Koalition, a grassroots non-profit group, is driving the initiative to reconstruct the old military tram line, which has fallen into disrepair owing to high use and erosion.

Because many of these volunteers are skilled craftsmen and tradesmen, this is a major accomplishment. Other volunteers formed a human chain and carried heavy wooden beams and buckets of gravel up the mountain in turns.

All you need to know about Nan Chul Shin is that he dreamed of being an entrepreneur and founded Nan Inc. in Hawaii, where he now lives. To him, becoming CEO of his own construction firm had always been a dream come true. He was given various chances to realise his passion after relocating to Oahu, Hawaii.

In the beginning, he worked for a construction company in Hawaii. While residing in Hawaii, Patrick Shin discovered that he enjoyed working in construction. To make his ambition a reality, he determined to go all-in and do all he could. Nan Inc. was started by Patrick Shin in 1990, and since then, the firm has expanded to employ over 500 employees and developed some of Oahu’s most recognisable commercial structures.

Having the opportunity to work in construction management on the beautiful island of Hawaii has been a lifelong ambition of mine. With our help, we’ve had an influence on the lives of countless individuals (employees, clients and volunteers). Throughout the years, the firm has produced several challenging projects with such skill and correctness that it has received numerous prizes and certifications.