Top 7 Actionable Tips To Make More Sales

  1. Connecting with your audience

This means asking the right questions and making sure you’re connecting with your audience on a personal level. Obviously, this is not possible in a bigger company where you have thousands of clients but it’s definitely possible when your client or product purchase list is less than 100.

  1. Show the full potential of your product

Have a really good sales pitch ready to provide to your customer. This means being able to show all the features of the products but also to pinpoint the exact problem that your customer is having and showing exactly how it is that your product or service can fix that problem. If you do this, your customer not only understands how good your product or service is but that it also addresses the problem that they came to you for initially.

  1. Be confident in your product

This might sound like a strange tip but it’s a very important tip. If you believe in your product, then you will know that it solves someone’s issue, and therefore you start off your conversations already confident and confident in your ability to make the sale.

  1. Have a really good website design

In today’s modern age, your website is your company. It’s very important that you are able to create and design a really nice website. A good website is not just one that relies on a platform or a theme but one that connects with your audience. I’d highly recommend investing in a really good web designer to do this for you.

  1. Be prepared for objections to your product

Every consumer will question certain parts of your product that they might not want to have. This could be things like the price, the quality, the experience you have in the market, etc. You have to be prepared to answer these questions and not just wing it. Quite often, I’d have a script prepared for these questions and I’d slightly change the script to better tailor it to the person that I’m talking to. This makes a HUGE difference.

  1. Don’t be afraid to educate your customers

Quite often business owners just don’t want to give up the time to talk about their business due to some irrational fears that either their money is being wasted by talking to this person and not making a sale or that someone might steal their business idea. Yes, there are vultures out there that will try to steal your content, but most of the time your customers just want to learn more about your business.

  1. Always over deliver

This is extremely important. For ANY of my clients, I always provide more than just what they paid for. Not only does this leave your client happy, most of the time it retains your client for more work later. If you’re in the product-based business, it is just as important. For example, personalizing your product specifically for the client (such as adding a card, a name tag, etc.) makes a huge difference and lets the consumer feel good about themselves. If you don’t take into account any of these tips, that’s fine, but THIS tip is vital.

I hope you can implement these tips into your business – there are plenty more, believe me, but I strongly suggest implementing tip 7 (if you haven’t already)!