Things You Need To Know About Heat Transfer Paper

When you wish to buy heat transfer paper for your printing company, here are a few things you need to know about the quality and functionality of the paper. The heat transfer papers are the most effective way to print t-shirts and fabrics with unique designs and logos. The clothes manufacturing units make use of the papers to create the signs and logo designs on the t-shirts. The imprints are long-lasting and provide resistance against cloth bleaching and detergent treatment.

What are the things you need to know before printing logos on t-shirts?

·       Ways of imprinting

The heat transfer paper is used for printing the designs on garments and clothes. The laser printers are used to design the logos on the heat transfer paper. The paper is then used to place on the t-shirt an ironing machine is used to imprint the designs from the paper to the clothes. Heat and pressure are applied on the paper which is placed at the top of the cloth and the prints and marks are transferred readily.

·       The things needed for printing

You should use the hand iron which is good enough for printing the designs on the surface of the garment. The traditional hand iron is used for this purpose however if you want a better result you should go for the advanced hand press developed for this purpose. The kind and quality of inkjet and the laser printers. It is to be made sure that the laser printers are used for laser compatible heat papers while the inkjets for the inkjet compatible papers. The compatibility of the device to the paper is needed for proper functionality or it will fail to perform the task.

·       The kind of cloth being used

The article or the garment on which you are printing also plays a vital factor as the white and light quality clothes require different kinds of laser and printing papers.


The heat transfer paper is used for printing quality products and requires you to invest in the right tool like the laser or inkjets to obtain effective and long-lasting results.