The Workplace Mobile Chat Guide

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has shown the significance of mobile communication for all companies and organizations striving to remain a competitive force.

A recent study manifested that companies are losing over USD 1 billion per year to this new form of business communication. This fact comes as no surprise, considering that a significant component of the communication process in any organization is the mobile communication of the employees to the workplace. 

Today, four major areas make up the workplace mobile communication culture.

The first area is smartphones and mobile applications for making business calls and receiving information from the office. Three high-end components come into play here. Firstly, the efficiency of the call-making process is greatly enhanced by the implementation of intelligent phone technology. Secondly, the efficiency of the work environment can also be improved by the performance of mobile communication software such as Call Management Software (CMS) and Workplace Communication Management (W CM). Finally, the pandemic has demonstrated the necessity of instant and real-time communication between and among coworkers.

One of the main reasons the pandemic confirmed this new normal is its impact on the way companies were using their existing phones and software to access the workplace.

In the past, these communications systems had to be linked up with the company’s primary data networking system and would consequently take up a lot of bandwidth. Furthermore, a significant limitation of this kind of system is the inability to effectively manage voice and video conferencing, especially during heavy traffic. Companies had to be constantly monitoring their telephones and keeping an eye on video conferencing conferences.

This new normal brought about several changes within the workplace environment. Mobile communication devices were limited to individuals and small groups, which severely hindered the productivity and effectiveness of team-building exercises and meetings.

With the introduction of Workplace Mobile Chat, companies can now use mobiles as a communication tool to create a more harmonious work environment. Through this application, firms can do a signal recording and continue to conform to the text messaging compliance abided by the law.

To know more about the workplace mobile chat, down below is an infographic filled with the mobile chat guide made by TeleMessage: