Prior to we get into excessive deepness in terms of the technicians, we’ll introduce you to the underlying framework of the whole system. 

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    • The air conditioner draws in cozy air from your workplace, usually with a grille.
    • Amongst the inner fans strikes that warm air over the cold, low-pressure evaporator coil that contains the cooling agent. A dehumidifier eliminates excess dampness at this phase, also.
    • The cooling agent is cooler than the air, so the warmth from the cozy air transfers into the refrigerant instead, leaving the air cool and dry.
  • The amazing air is then sent back out with the ducting to the remainder of the building.
  • On the other hand, the refrigerant, hot, as well as gaseous from the heat transfer, is refined utilizing the condenser coils and compressor. During this procedure, the unwanted warmth is launched outside as well as the newly-cooled refrigerant is relocated through an expansion valve. When this happens, it’s made ready to cycle back to the evaporator, as well as continue chilling more incoming air.


The essential point to recognize concerning the cooling procedure is that as the refrigerant takes in the warmth from incoming cozy air, the warm triggers it to change to an aeriform state. Undoubtedly, if that procedure occurred as soon as the AC unit would have an extremely short lifespan, so the system needs to proceed cycling the cooling agent forward and backward from a gas to a liquid to indefinitely cool down incoming air.

So, once the cooling agent has actually been changed to a gas by the procedure over:

  • It is relocated to the other side of the AC unit device as well as put through the compressor, which subjects the aeriform cooling agent to extremely high pressure. This produces heat.
  • This hot, high-pressure refrigerant gas passes from the compressor right into the condenser coil. Simply put, the condenser divides the heat from the cooling agent, as well as turns the latter back into a liquid.
  • The heat energy is blown up outside with an external system, while the newly-cooled cooling agent is carried the other method; back in the direction of the evaporator, ready to start the cooling cycle all over once again.

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