Step by Step Guide for Sellers to Appeal Amazon Suspended Account

Most of us have come across different sellers in Amazon. Some may over exceed our expectations, while some have us disappointed with their products or customer service. For Amazon, customer satisfaction is a priority. 

When Amazon finds any business violating their sales policy or disappointing customers with poor work ethics, they immediately suspend that account and send an email to the business stating the same. Many sellers didn’t have an idea about account suspension because most small businesses don’t read the contract properly. 

Suspension of an account can be a disaster as it takes a lot of time to reinstate it. The seller has to appeal to reinstate the account. The appeal is not as easy as it seems. A seller has to undergo several processes which take time. Thus, hiring an official or service that handles Amazon suspension appeal is far more convenient. 

Younglanes Amazon Appeal Services helps businesses to reinstate their Amazon suspended accounts. They use internal contacts within the Amazon Seller Performance department to identify the root cause of suspension, and then create a plan of action to reinstate it. Their expertise and knowledge ensure that your account is reinstated within 24-48 hours. 

Reason for Account Suspension

  • If your cancellation rate, defect rate, late shipment rate, and negative review rate are higher than Amazon’s parameters, they can suspend your account anytime. Remember, Amazon allows only those businesses that provide quality products and good customer service. 
  • If you send duplicate products or deliver a fake product, they can suspend your account for violating their sales policy. 
  • If you try to sell products that are restricted in their list, you’ll receive a suspension mail. 

When Amazon decides to suspend the account, they send an email to the seller. The email doesn’t state for how long the account will be suspended. Thus, it is your job to find the root cause and work on it to reinstate as soon as possible and get back to business. 

Steps to Appeal Suspended Account

Create a Plan of Action 

Firstly, read the notification clearly and find the root cause of the suspension. Check which parameter or policy you’ve been violating that led to account suspension. Finding the root cause will help you make amendments and avoid them in future. Handle all negative reviews by compensating or apologizing to the customer. Once you have found out the root cause, you can prepare a plan of action. Write a letter to Amazon and be specific about your mistake and your steps to amend them. Don’t use pleading words or compel them to reinstate the account. Simply work on your faults, Amazon notices them automatically. 

Appeal Suspension

Once you’ve handled all the problems that violated the sales policy, go to the website and appeal for suspended account. Go to Seller Central – Performance – Performance Notifications – Location – Suspense Notice – Appeal. The best way of doing this is by hiring someone who can the handle your appeal to reinstate account. This will give you time to rectify your mistakes. 

Generally, it takes 48 hours for Amazon to reply. Till then, you can simply show patience without panicking.  

Working with Amazon is a blessing during pandemic situations. Maintain a good portfolio to do business for a longer time.