Space Tourism: The Preparation for Orbital Flights

Leaving Earth is extremely dangerous and it is for that reason only experts in astronomy or engineers could have imagined traveling to space some years ago. Today, everything has changed and space tourism allows more people to experience weightlessness in space.

Hundreds of people have booked their flights to space and others are waiting for their chance to board. However, each orbital flight requires adequate preparation. You will have to go through several months of training before boarding any space vehicle. In this post, we will introduce the important preparations.

What is an Orbital Flight?

Understanding what an orbital flight is before you start preparing for space traveling is an important step. “An orbital flight is a spaceflight in which the space vehicle is placed on a trajectory where it remains in space for at least one complete orbit.”

That implies that the space vehicle has to be on a free trajectory with an attitude above 80 kilometers. The speed that the spacecraft requires to attains high orbits are relatively slow but it requires more delta-V (the measure of impulse/unity of the space vehicle’s mass needed to perform maneuvers in space)to attain the heights.

Unlike spacecraft that follow orbital flights, those that follow suborbital flights climb up to reach outer space. However, they follow a trajectory, which intersects the atmosphere they were launched from. That implies that any space vehicle that follows a suborbital path does not complete a full orbit. Such a vehicle will also take a shorter period in space compared to one that takes an orbital flight.

The Preparation for Orbital Flights: Andrey Bokarev

Space travel companies require their clients to pass through three stages of preparation. Here are the three stages. Note that the preparation requirements vary from one company to the other.

  • Making the Decision to Travel to Space

This is the first step and possibly the most important. So, why do you want to travel to space? Most people who do that want to travel with a difference. However, others would want to be part of history when the records of the first persons to visit space are written. Regardless of your reason, you should set clear objectives and raise the money to pay for the ticket.

  • Medical Checkup

Only healthy people can blast off to space. Therefore, medical checkups are important during the preparation to ensure that the travelers are strong and healthy enough to travel to space. People with conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, or cancer cannot travel.

Do not worry yet. If you are in groups of people who cannot enjoy a space trip due to poor health, you can follow the space travel through various forums, including visiting the space museum, attending launching sessions, or watching videos that space companies release.

  • Pre-Travel Training

The next stage in preparing for orbital flights is pre-travel training. The purpose of this training is to help you sue the facilities in space. Initially, space tourists could go through years of training but that is no longer necessary. For instance, Virgin Galactic states that their clients will only need a few months of training to travel. Other space travel companies have stated the same.

So, prepare for intensive strength training and exercise on using ladders on the space vehicle. The companies will also train you on weightlessness because there is zero gravity in space. The training may also cover drinking, eating, and using the washroom in space.

Attending all training space travel training sessions is key to having an enjoyable and unforgettable orbital flight. Furthermore, most space travel companies are in agreement with Andrey Bokarev that their clients will come first. If you are in good health and the opportunity to travel to space has arisen, go for it.