Solar Energy: What Businesses Should Know

You may have noticed that a lot of businesses recently chose to put solar panels on their premises. As more individuals become aware of the need for environmental protection, there has been a significant shift. As a result, you could be considering using this method as well, but you need additional details first.

The article that follows will look at some of the most typical queries that businesses have when looking to work with a commercial solar installer. Knowing this beforehand will make it easier for you to contact Opal Energy Group to be your company’s solar installation provider. If you still have questions after that, their specialists could react.

Panel Position

When most people think of solar panels, they picture them placed on top of a roof. Although this high position is more likely to be hit by the sun’s rays, making it the most typical placement, there are alternative choices. This allows installers to assess the property’s location before beginning their job.

Even with higher roofs, trees may obscure them, rendering panels worthless in certain areas. Since Opal Energy Group has also installed ground mounts and parking lot panels, which are great for houses with a lot of open space, they will go through your alternatives with you.

If roofing is the greatest option for your business, it is unimportant to have the incorrect material or kind of roof. Most types of roofs can accommodate the installation of solar panels.


One of the primary worries individuals have is the potential cost of installing solar panels. Running a business requires money, but you shouldn’t spend so much that it fails. By installing solar panels, you could be able to earn money as well as save money!

Since you will be utilizing the electric company less often, you will initially save a significant amount of money over time on your energy costs. This might be a difference of $600,000, depending on the size and amount of electricity you now use. Federal and state governments often provide financial incentives, such as 30% tax credits and 15-year cash-back plans, to assist with installation expenses.

Since it could be challenging to pay for a solar panel system all at once, Opal Energy Group will also provide you with financing and lease alternatives if you decide to work with them. Last but not least, combining savings with government funding may treble your yearly ROI and raise the value of your home.


Before having panels placed, you should be well prepared since any renovation on your home will definitely take time or provide challenges. Regular business activities may continue even though installing a solar system at your firm might take several months.

Solar panel installation won’t need removing your present roof or creating interior damage. In particular, you should be aware of construction noises and warn your clients and staff of them. Depending on where these panels are installed, you may need to alter parking or any outdoor chairs. You will get a schedule from your business installer so you will know precisely when and how long they will be working.

Reasons to Pick Opal Energy

Now that you are ready to purchase solar panels, you must choose the appropriate team. With gorgeous installations using the best solar brands available, Opal Energy Group has long been the best choice for companies and households in New Jersey.

In addition to offering basic panels, they might assist businesses in creating designs that are specific to their requirements. You may ask them for assistance with backup batteries or generators after your project is complete so you never have to worry about performance falling, even on cloudy days.

Everyone should choose to live sustainably, but company owners should do so much more so. Even while you may not yet be an authority in solar panels, you now know the fundamentals. Contact Opal Energy Group as soon as you can to get started or for further information.