Most Common Air Conditioner Problems

If you notice that your air conditioner is not working as it should be, even slightly, then there could potentially be many possible things wrong with the AC system. It could be something very simple, or it could be something more deep-rooted and complex. When there are ducted reverse cycle repairs to fix, it might be best to call a professional, but the following is a list of simpler things that are commonly wrong with air conditioners that you might check yourself first.

1. The AC Doesn’t Turn On at All

Perhaps most immediately worrying is when you go to switch on your air conditioner and there’s simply no response at all from the unit or the wall panels. If you’ve woken up to a hot morning and need the immediate relief of cool air blasting through your home, it’s an incredibly disheartening site to see nothing at all from the system. This is most often caused by a tripped circuit, but can also be a result of a faulty thermostat or loose/damaged wiring within the system.

When the system doesn’t come on at all, it’s really something better left to the pros. Check the tripped circuit breaker, by all means, but if that doesn’t work, then it’s likely a more intricate problem in need of a professional hand.

2. There’s No Cool Air Flow

Let’s say the system does turn on, but as you expect that initial blast of lovely cool air, you instead are greeted by an uncomfortable wave of room-temperature or warm air. The most common cause of this issue is there being a lack of refrigerant in the system. Topping up the refrigerant levels should fix it, but as simple as that sounds, the materials in question are often toxic and therefore best left in the capable hands of professionals.

3. There Are Leaks

Water leaks are another common air conditioning problem that people experience at some point or another. Water might leak from one of the air ducts, or from a visible pipe, or even from the AC unit itself depending on its type. If your system is fairly old, then leaks like this are to be expected as the many lines that run throughout the AC system do wear and degrade over time and need replacement. There may also be blockages in the drainage system that is causing water to leak.

More worrying than a water leak is a refrigerant leak. If you notice even small amounts of refrigerant leaking, it’s critical to turn off the system and call out the pros to come and take a look. Not only can the material be harmful, but dropping refrigerant levels is like losing oil in a car engine. It won’t bode well for the AC system at all.

4. The AC is Tripping the Breaker Circuits

Above we mentioned the possibility of tripping a circuit breaker as a freak isolated incident. However, another common issue some people have is the AC actually causing a circuit breaker trip nearly every time it’s turned on. It’s quickly fixable (seemingly) but of course when it’s happening over and over again, it becomes incredibly frustrating.

An AC system that is doing this has likely not been well installed by the technicians who came to do it. A possible explanation is that the wiring they used to complete the job wasn’t properly rated for use in AC systems. They may have done that to try and save money, but all it really does is create a nightmare situation for you! For air conditioning motor st louis mo click here.