Enhance The User Experience of Your Business Website with AccessiBe

Every user of your website should never face accessibility issues, including those with physical disabilities. Online shopping is a common trend these days due to the pandemic. The community of people with disabilities constitutes a large segment of the population, and as a business, you cannot overlook their importance for your business.

Keeping the above in mind, The Web Accessibility Initiative of The World Wide Web Consortium has developed guidelines and success criteria that are organized around four principles for content published on the web-

  1. Perceivable- The content should be presentable in ways they can perceive.
  2. Operable- They should be operable by the web user.
  3. Understandable- The user should comprehend the interface’s information and operation.
  4. Robust- the content must remain accessible even if user agents and technologies evolve.

The guidelines for the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines or WCAG cover time and text-based media option keyboard functions and are compatible with assistive technologies. In fact, the standards for web accessibility have been laid out by WCAG. Now, the problem is, how can businesses tackle the mammoth task of compliance without financial hardship and too much effort?

AccessiBe – How does it add value to your site?

AccessiBe is a boon to every business owner with a website, as it works for your company silently in the background, ensuring that your site is free from accessibility issues, enhancing the experience of all your users, including those with physical disabilities, with success.

It is empowered with advanced technologies of artificial intelligence and machine learning. They run in two applications to check web pages for fresh content and fix the accessibility issues in the process. When it comes to web accessibility, businesses had to hire skilled web developers for the task in the past. These manual processes took up a lot of time and money. It is challenging for small business owners to incur such heavy costs as they also had to spend a substantial amount on the site’s maintenance.

Install the tool and forget about web accessibility issues

The biggest advantage of this unique tool is that it is compatible with all web browsers and can be installed conveniently. It scans the pages every 24 hours for new content and makes adjustments in less than 48 hours. You can install this tool and forget about it completely as a business owner. The tool will operate daily to ensure that your sire is free from any kind of accessibility issues; the tool is regularly updated for errors and other problems. You can focus on the core tasks of your business, knowing that your site is in safe hands.

Ever since its inception, AccessiBe has gained a lot ofpopularity across the globe. It just uses one line of your site’s JavaScript to make the changes needed. In this way, you can save costs time and say goodbye to manual processes for web accessibility issues. In this way, you can remain safe and vigilant from compliance issues that might arise if you overlook web accessibility for your business site.