Driveway Project Ideas

When it comes to your home, the exterior may be even more important than the interior. This is because people will notice your curb appeal before they step inside. So if your property looks drab, they might think that’s how the inside looks, too. This makes it crucial to maintain your land in any way possible.

Along with taking care of your home and the yard around it, you should take some time and do something new to your driveway. By doing so, you can wow guests as they pull into your carport or garage. Need some ideas? Keep reading so you can be inspired to start your next project!

Choose a New Color

Most driveways are made of gravel and are usually gray. While this might be the standard, it definitely can give off a “blah” feeling. The best way to change this emotion is to choose gravel in a color that compliments your home’s aesthetics. Many businesses offer gravel in earth tones, including red, tan, or black.

Once you choose a color, you can use Inch Calculator if you find yourself asking, “How much gravel do I need?” Taking width, depth, and length into consideration, it can also give you an estimate of the cost this driveway project might entail.

Shrubs and Trees

Although many people keep their plants closer to the home or in the backyard, lining your driveway with them can be outstanding. This is especially true if you have a long path for people to drive up through. It can add an air of mystery as guests come through, and during the holidays, you can decorate them to be festive.

When choosing the proper flora, try to go with perennials so that they continue to come back each year. This will save you money on constant replanting, and some may even last all year. Go with ones that similarly match your home, much like the gravel mentioned above.

Border Your Driveway

Plants aren’t the only way to keep an edge on your driveway. Adding some bordering will not only make your path look cleaner but can also act as a guard so that guests do not veer off the path. There are many choices available for this task, and many are simple to install.

Edging stones and bricks are often used, but you can also go with wooden blocks. To keep them in place, consider laying down a layer of cement first. Inch Calculator can provide you with a scale so that you can figure out the right amount you will need to get for as little as a few inches deep!

Getting the Right Assistance

Once you have an idea in mind, you should make sure you can get a professional to help you. This will make for the neatest work without a high risk of areas such as cracks or uneven gravel. However, to estimate the tools and materials you will eventually need, you can rely on Inch Calculator,

Along with a gravel calculator, Inch Calculator can help you find the cost it would take to create a driveway using other materials, including concrete and asphalt. This will help you establish what will get you the most bang for your buck! They can even provide cost calculations on other property changes, such as outdoor lighting and gardening needs. They have over 3,000 calculators and scales, some of which might be utilized by the handyman that you hire!

Having a great driveway will not only make your home stand out, but it could add to its property value in the future. Even if this project feels like an investment, you will feel pleased once the final result is finished and surely be the envy of your neighbors!